Chantelle and Ryan’s Daintree Elopement


Chantelle and Ryan chose to elope in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest at what is quite possibly THE MOST spectacular rainforest location I have ever visited.  There was never a question for them between having a big wedding or doing something magical just for themselves.  They knew from the beginning that what was important to them was not about anyone else (as much as they love their families) but creating a peaceful space (in some crazy beautiful place) to exchange their vows and take their love and relationship to new heights.

When I arrived, they were off getting some pre-ceremony beach photos taken with Benn from BlueSky (they chose to do this because they wanted their ceremony to take place in the magical soft light just before twilight).

I stepped out of the car and into the isolation of the rainforest and briefly wondered (and prayed!) I was at the right property but as I ventured over and peered down into the forest the beauty of it stunned me into a state of pure ease.  The wedding team (consisting of C & R, their sweet girl, babysitter and Benn) arrived shortly after.  (I will just throw in here that you will always need two witnesses of legal age for any marriage to take place, so having a photographer and babysitter for your elopement (or videographer, or H&MU gal) is always a good way to cover that necessity)…and you know win/win because they are kind of fabulous to have on board!

Anyway – Ryan, Benn and I headed down to the rainforest oasis (mini waterfall and all!) to prepare while the girls freshened up…and Ryan (just the sweetest groom) had organised all these floating candles and fairy lights and the magic and mood they brought into that space was nothing short of perfection.

I stood off to the side for the ceremony…it was much too beautiful a moment to obtrude into that enigmatic space that Chantelle and Ryan were sharing.  Which brings me back to one of the things I love so much about elopements.  Because they chose that intimate way to get married there was not a single moment where either of them was nervous or frazzled.  They were engaged and present throughout their whole ceremony (without the pressure of the crowd), hearing the words of their love, eyes locked, hearts open.

Benn manoeuvred around like a nimble forest elf and my words guided them and bound them from a distance, we were there but not there.  Really it was just these two and everything that mattered.

When it was time to exchange rings we (very carefully!) guided little Victoria up to her parents to open the box (they were a little terrified of letting her be the ring bearer with all those deep rainforest waters around but we were all very careful and the moment was perfect).

And so it was that Ryan and Chantelle locked hands and lips and gave each other their forever in the stillness of the rainforest at Daintree Secrets.

Chantelle-and-Ryan-Rainforest-Elopement-with-Wed-by-Anna Chantelle-and-Ryan-Rainforest-Elopement-Wed-by-Anna Chantelle-and-Ryan-Daintree-Rainforest-Elopement-Wed-by-Anna

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