Elopements and why we love them


Let’s talk about eloping in FNQ, and why it is such a great idea.

Destination weddings have become exceptionally popular over the years and with Port Douglas and Daintree offering so many delicious wedding and elopement locations (and the chance to thaw those chilled winter bones) it truly is no wonder.  Southerners have been flocking to the Far North with their tribes in tow for years now – and we are seeing a shift as more and more gorgeous couples are doing the same, sans the clan.  Eloping – once seen as taboo (saved for those hitching shotgun styles or lovers on the run) is becoming passionately embraced as family members reshuffle their mindset to share in the joy of their loved-one’s marriage via some prime quality photography and cinematography as opposed to experiencing it live.  The younger generation are finding the confidence to pave their way into a future where weddings are no longer about meeting obligations but creating a moment that is everything THEY dream of.  That being said there is a corner of my heart (being a mum of three beautiful girls) that aches a little at the thought of not being there should any of them ever choose to elope…but I know that (as with all their decisions) I will continue to support and celebrate them, finding happiness in their happiness.

Let’s have a peek at a couple of my favourite elopements and discover why they were so damn special.


Meet Chantelle and Ryan

Chantelle and Ryan chose to elope in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest at what is quite possibly THE MOST spectacular rainforest location I have ever visited.  There was never a question for them between having a big wedding or doing something magical just for themselves…  READ MORE



Meet Kirsten and Dave

Kirsten and Dave’s rainforest elopement took place just up the bumpy forest road from Daintree Secrets on the banks of Cooper’s Creek, in a dry riverbed. One of the many things that bind Kirsten and Dave is the deep love and appreciation they share for nature and the great outdoors…  READ MORE



Meet Georgina and Danny

I am going to take you away from the forest now and on a short, wind-swept trip across the deep blue to a magical little slice of paradise called Fitzroy Island.  This palm-tree speckled, turquoise-watered heaven draws folk from all over the globe to its shores for weddings and elopements great and small…  READ MORE