Georgina and Danny’s Fitzroy Island Elopement


I am going to take you away from the forest now and on a short, wind-swept trip across the deep blue to a magical little slice of paradise called Fitzroy Island.  This palm-tree speckled, turquoise-watered heaven draws folk from all over the globe to its shores for weddings and elopements great and small.

For George and Danny, who hail from the rolling hills and windy chills of the UK their absolute dream wedding involved warm sun on their skin and sand under their toes and…well, zero stress and zero guests.

We were in touch for over a year before we finally met in person the day of their wedding.  We had chatted via phone and Skype, lodged all papers online and they gave me beautiful responses to the questionnaire (which resulted in a script that belonged entirely to them and reminded them of the many reasons they were standing there).  I sent through a list of all the incredible wedding suppliers in our region…and the ones they chose – well this brings me to the next reason why elopements are such damn fine idea.

You see, with elopements you can take the money you would have spent on a huge party (that may or may not have caused you an enormous amount of stress) and you book that holiday on a tropical island. You spend money on the best photographer you can find (because nobody who loves you will hold a grudge once they see those amazing photos of you looking SO HAPPY and SO RELAXED in paradise 😉🤗) and you get all the pretty flowers that make your heart sing. You stand on that deserted beach and look into the face of your love and realise that everything is as perfect as it could possibly be. You are completely relaxed. And the moment belongs to you 💕.

And that’s exactly how it was.  Danny and George were married on Nudey Beach (please don’t ask me how it got that name!) on one of those rare days where the wind was gentle enough to let us moor there.  Danny and I went ahead on the first shuttle (along with Karen and Uwe from The Seitterwood House, some of my favourite photographers in the country – be sure to check out Karen’s work!).  Danny was nervous and we managed to soften the edge of those nerves with some fun banter on the boat ride across.  By the time we got him settled and George was walking towards him everything in the world bar that moment was forgotten.  Looking into their faces while reflecting on the life they have built together and all the beautiful moments that paved the way…well, there is no greater honour than that.

Georgina-and-Danny-Wed-by-Anna-Fitzroy-Island-Elopement Georgina-and-Danny-Port-Douglas-Elopement Georgina-and-Danny-Fitzroy-Island-Elopement-Wed-by-Anna Georgina-and-Danny-Fitzroy-Island-Celebrant Georgina-and-Danny-Elopement-Port-Douglas

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