Kirsten and Dave’s Rainforest Elopement


Kirsten and Dave’s rainforest elopement took place just up the bumpy forest road from Daintree Secrets on the banks of Cooper’s Creek, in a dry riverbed.  One of the many things that bind Kirsten and Dave is the deep love and appreciation they share for nature and the great outdoors.  They couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding than one that saw them deep in the forest somewhere.  Which brings me to the second thing I love so much about elopements!  When you choose to get married with just the two of you, and adventure runs deep in your veins we can go pretty much anywhere!  (Because you know, I’m an adventurous gal too 😊).

Kirsten and Dave chose to stay at the Heritage Lodge (it backs on to Cooper’s Creek, which is something you REALLY need to see – think Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields back in the day).  So the Daintree rainforest was their backyard and it was just a matter of choosing which little patch of it would be the most perfect for their intimate ceremony.

Because Kirsten took a super chill approach and drove herself back to Mossman to get her hair done and pick up her flowers the only witness we had handy was the awesome Benn from Bluesky Photography (*note – I am always willing to bring some happy folk along to witness and bask in the love buzz of your wedding).  On this day that person happened to be my hubby and we turned it into a child-free motorbike adventure into the Daintree (I remember feeling giddy with happiness that I could be a part of something so wonderful for ‘work’, and also blend it so beautifully with other things that bring me joy).

Back to Kirsten and Dave!  They decided not to tell their people back at home of their plans, deciding instead to invest in a fabulous photographer to soften the blow when they shared the news once they were back (this is actually a beautiful and gentle way of telling your loved-ones about your elopement, and you will find that most photographers are happy to send through a few edited highlights in the first week or two, to help you help your family understand your decision to elope…it’s always easier when they see how ecstatically happy and relaxed you were).  This being said there was one little and very precious family member who knew of their plans and asked Kirsten for my details so she could forward her own little contribution to the big moment.  Before Dave and Kirsten exchanged their vows I read out two clever and very sweet poems which Dave’s daughter Jazmin had written for her father and brand new step-mum.  It was pretty special.

And so it was that Kirsten and Dave sealed the deal to on a lifetime of love and wild adventures with INXS’s ‘Never Tear us Apart’ serenading them through the valleys and trees.

*Side note – Because we were going off-road, I decided not to drag along a signing table and use natures props (which are way more fabulous and fitting to the mood – see pictures below 😊)

Dave-&-Kirsten-Rainforest-Elopement-Celebrant-Anna-Soltwedel Dave-&-Kirsten-Daintree-Rainforest-Elopement Dave-&-Kirsten-Daintree-Elopement-Wed-by-Anna Dave-&-Kirsten-Daintree-Elopement-Celebrant-Anna-Soltwedel

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