Rex Smeal Park – turn this amazing space into a your wedding-wonderland!


Rex Smeal Park is a direct extension of the beloved tropical wedding location – Little Cove.  After exchanging your vows take your beloved by the hand and stroll into this magical space which captures the essence of Port Douglas.

As the sun sets behind the mountain range beyond locals and travelers gather  in the arch of palm trees to share stories and music.  Lovers sip champagne – drinking in the ambiance that makes the tropical far north such a special place indeed.

The crown of this wonderful space is the enormous Curtain Fig Tree, which by day hosts the little people in its role of Magic Faraway Tree…and by night – becomes your wedding-wonderland.

Port Douglas offers a quality selection of event co-ordinators, lighting specialists and caterers who can transform Rex Smeal Park into your absolute dream reception.  The Curtain Fig casts its tropical rainforest magic over your guests while they enjoy the other wonders beyond the arch of palms; mountains, sunsets and sailing boats gliding back into port…I can hear Robbie Williams singing ‘Somewhere beyond the Sea‘.

MA -0181